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Mach was conceived by Jean Baptiste-Chandelier, a specialist in freestyle/aerobatic paragliding. An especially important premise of the design was to get the pure pleasure of the flight feeling, accompanied with the capability of fast, dynamic acro maneuvers.

Mach already proved to be perfect for acro competitions. On such a fast, dynamic canopy, fully retaining inner pressure in any maneuvers you can put out a spectacular show.

In order to ensure possibly high inner pressure, Mach 1.1 features a new system of inner structural valves, keeping the canopy rigid during e.g. Infinity tumbling.

The leading edge continues to use FET (FlexiEdge Technology)Elastic rods makes it stiffer and smoother, significantly improving many areas – from easier inflation through increased safety to overall better aerodynamics.

The unusual look of the Mach is the effect of using blue ribs, made of special Porcher textile, prepared especially for us. All surfaces are made of standard Dominicotex 41g.

Mach is manufactured under new technology, employing the precision of the laser cutter.
The whole manufacturing process takes place in Poland, under the strict supervision of Piotr Dudek himself, ensuring the highest European quality.