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Restricted Licence Paragliding Course

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Learn to Paraglide. Certified Paragliding Course

If you have always dreamed of flying then paragliding is the sport for you. The restricted paragliding license course is the most popular but you can also try a Tandem Flight. 

On the paragliding course, you learn the basic controls starting at the bottom of the hill having small solo flights which are extended higher as confidence and ability grow. Tandem flights allow you to fly with an instructor who will let you feel the thrill of flight with someone experienced at the controls. Paragliding is very easy to learn but takes time to master.

Paragliding is very weather dependent and it needs to be dry and the wind less than 15 miles an hour. You work through a series of exercises that teach you how to fly, but everybody learns at a different pace. Equipment is provided for the training, though most pilots purchase their own paraglider during the training so they can get used to flying it in a school environment. Once qualified we highly recommend you join your local club to fly with more experienced pilots.

Where to go?

Toowoomba has many beautiful flying sites and there are good clubs across Australia where experienced pilots meet up and fly together. Toowoomba is ideal for learning but as with any place the weather can sometimes keep our feet on the ground. So be prepared to enjoy doing other things - but when the conditions are right, Toowoomba and districts are a beautiful place to fly.

Please note: We supply all equipment to complete your course and we don’t charge for the hire of equipment.

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