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The canopy structure is reinforced with rigid rods (Flexi Edge Technology) as well as mini-ribs on the trailing edge, truly representing, smoothing and stabilizing the airfoil at all speeds. Another solution improving both the aerodynamics and stability is the Shark Nose. Stabilo has been modified too. All these technologies come from the racing canopies and combined with 3-row rigging give the paraglider a large passive safety margin and exceptional aerodynamic performance.

The airfoil used in Optic 2 has some reflex traits. The wing is tuck-resistant, comes up easily and is perfectly steerable. Worth special praise is its great lateral and longitudinal stability.

As in other our paragliders, the risers of the Optic constitute a complete, comfortable and carefully thought out control panel, where each instrument is placed exactly where it should be and works as it should. Modern risers of 20 mm width feature ball-bearing SmartPulleys, made on special order along with our indigenous design. Versatile and comfortable ACT brakes with neodymium magnets can be adjusted to individual preferences.

As a result, you got the wing that will easily float in the slightest lift, and covering long distances in typical turbulence of a thermally active day won’t be a problem. Speed-system operation is safe and comfortable even in rough air. Optic2 has lots of speed, a great deal of lift, and In generally simply wants to fly – so don’t be selfish and take it with you for a long XC ;)

New colour schemes are based on our standard four-elements palette and have been designed as always by Włodzimierz Bykowski.

Optic 2 is manufactured under new technology, employing the precision of the laser cutter. All stages of production are completed in Poland under the strict supervision of the designer himself, thus ensuring the highest European quality.


Optic 2 has already passed the EN/LTF B category tests, as well as the load test.