Parajet Paramotor | Maverick - MOSTER 185 PLUS

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Parajet Paramotor - Maverick Moster 185 Plus


Built like a bird’s skeleton; light, solid and waiting to fly. The Maverick titanium airframe is a seamless fusion of finely honed geometry coupled with the vision for a beautifully modern high-quality finish. A perfect balance of lateral stiffness and vertical compliance. Unparalleled strength-to-weight with just enough spring in its step to forgive those occasional butt-landings. A natural coating of Titanium Dioxide ensures that no matter how punishing the conditions, it will never succumb to rust, decay or corrosion.



Simple, ingenious design. Strong, lightweight titanium airframe. Well-formed, conversation starting good looks. These are the things that make the Parajet Maverick paramotor the perfect partner for those that live for the thrill of adventure, or the camaraderie of a weekend cruise with friends. Add the choice of reliable, fuss-free Vittorazi engines and the distant horizon is yours to explore.


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You’ll love flying the Maverick so much that you’ll just want to fly it further and for longer. The extended range fuel tank is able to bring you that extra dimension to your flying and help you bid farewell to range anxiety. The considerably larger tank boasts a 17-litre capacity, that’s 4.5 gallons in the US. Yet, with only 600 grams of additional weight, you’re getting nearly double the range. You’ll get the same angular design aesthetic, optimising airflow to the prop. The same level of quality and safety. You’ll just get it for longer.



Manufacturer:  Vittorazi Motors
Model:  Moster 185 Plus MY’20
Type:  184.7 cc 2-stroke
Weight: 14.2 kg  /  31.3 lbs
Power: 25 hp at 7800 rpm
Thrust: 72 kg at 8500 rpm
Fuel Consumption: 3.8 – 4.2 ltrs/hr
Temperatures: EGT 550 deg –  CHT 250 deg
Starter: Pull Starter

Propeller:  1.25m E-Prop 2-blade Carbon
Rotation : Counter-clockwise

Fuel:  Unleaded Gasoline
Oil: Motul 800 Factory Line 2T Off Road
Mix: 2% Oil or 50:1  /  1.5% Oil or 66:1