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Wheelbase Powered Paragliding

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Tribal Flight's objective is to ensure you learn to fly safely and understand all aspects of paramotoring including weather, equipment and HGFA regulations. We familiarise the student with the motor and wheelbase components and assembly and establish a routine for pre-flight checking. This course is made up of introductory, theoretical and practical lessons, which a student must complete to gain a Wheelbase PPG certificate. Some of the key areas covered during training include:
  • Launch and landing procedures
  • Takeoff and flight path
  • Turns, flat and moderate
  • Inflation, Taxiing and Deflation utilising the motor
  • Flight Preparation
  • Flight Skills
Tribal Flight has access to some of the best training areas in South East Queensland. When learning Wheelbase Paramotoring, a nice open flat area is vital. You need plenty of room to practice safely. For this reason, Tribal Flight has 80 acres of open turf area.